Deciphering Patents: Connect Authors, Applicants, Technologies and Concepts.

Patents is very a good source for detecting competitors early moves but also for understanding a particular technological field or the level of industrialization. To do this, you need to apply advanced tools such as Mira Analytics.

The challenge in patent analysis is showing multiples relationships using one ecosystem.  The work done in this post shows how Mira Analytics can handle multiple relationships of patents as well as scientific articles. The objective is understanding which Autor(s) is connected to which Applicant(s) and to which Technology, Industry or application.  This multiple dimensional relationship can be only be handled suing a network graph and with computational help.  Specifically, Mira Analytics uses metadata to extract the entities combined with advanced taxonomies to get more insights form the title or the abstract of de documents. Doing so, user can understanding several key insights as for instance: companies intentions,  innovation portfolio, connection with key experts, key domains or technology trends.

Mira Analytics reduces important time of doing this manually. Additionally, the filtering option available allows users to focus on a particular subject and find new clues.