Wireless Batteries Charging: the next breakthrough in the Scientific World

Wile cars manufactures are focusing on fast battery charging station based on traditional plug-in connectors, there are other firms studding how to charge batteries wireless.

This case discusses the wireless charging ecosystem of the scientific world focusing on electric vehicles. The analysis made with Mira Analytics allowed us discovering the entire scientific ecosystem about the plug-less or wireless charging technology. The analysis were made using 98 papers extracted from the ISI web of Science database.

The following images shows the entire ecosystem. However, by looking at the time line, it is possible to se how fast is growing the interest of scholars. Perhaps researchers are interested in finding the next breakthrough technology that may helps deploying the electric cars industry.


In the second image we show a reduced map of authors that have published the highest number of works. In this case we found that that the number is three papers.  This  image also shows that Ahn Seungyoung is one of the most active scholar and all the paper published are recent. Additionally two small co-authors groups are shown.


Finally, if you are interested to detect the most active source, you may have to think about “IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics” which published 6 papers about wireless charging technology. The last image shows how to filter the node size to get the most important metadata.

This field is undoubtedly growing and the tremendously pressure in reducing CO2 emission from Governments pushes scholars to look into new opportunities spaces to extend the range of electric vehicles. Although the technology around battery capacity is also improving significantly, cable-less technology is one of the most promising solution in this particular field. With no or less need to plug in an electric vehicles to the grid,  electric vehicles will be leading urban.