What is Mira Analytics?

MIRA Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering actionable insight trough a compelling and interactive networkgraph visualizations.  It is developed by Miniera a company focused on marketing, competitive and innovation intelligence.


MIRA Analytics allows you understanding Who is doing, What, When and Where. You will benefit from it by getting new insights, boost research results, reduce enormously time, seeing new phenomena and finally using compelling graphs for communicating the insights to executives.



MIRA Analytics can be applied in any industry. Start challenging your assumptions and think how MIRA can help you in discovering competitors intentions, the next disruptive technology, the most relevant trends, weak signals of change, new players, … fast and easily. Contact us and we will help answering your questions.

3 easy steps to get your insights

Add your Dataset

Analyze ... News, Papers, Patentes,  Tweets, social media and other data text using Mira Channels or upload files from third party IP database like  ISI web of Science,  Scopus, Derwent and Patbase. Additionally you can also analyze  your own collection of PDF documents.  

Choose or build Taxonomies

Define how to extract concepts from datasets by using sector or topic focused taxonomies. You can build your own taxonomy by adding categories and key words in a single or bulk manner or, get a pre-build one.  Applying different taxonomies to a specific topic gives you different perspectives and insights. 

Visualize and Analyze your Data

Create a compelling Network graph by crossing a Dataset and a Taxonomy. Interact with the multiple function in an easy way to extract the knowledge you need to answer your key questions.  Share your findings by downloading screen captures or  the entire network graph.


The game changing app you'll need

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Easy to use and insightful 

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